Leaking power steering fluid and coolant

1997 Ford Puma Problem

The Problem

Avatar anrutpea
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My Puma is overheating, losing p/s fluid, coolant and water. It's been in the garage 3 times this week where the thermostat and power steering hose have been replaced as well as a coolant hose and some seals. The problem still persists. I checked both coolant and p/s fluid levels this morning - they were fine. Drove the car about 4 miles and lost the power steering, when I checked under the bonnet both were bone dry and leaking all over the road. Any ideas?

Car Ford Puma
Variant 1.7
Model Year 1997
Category Leaks & Noises

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Avatar whittingehame
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Get car back to garage asap before any further damage caused.If losing that amount in 4mls shouldn't be hard to see where leaking from .Did they not test car after "fixing " it? Three times already this week and still not fixed ? Might be worth changing your garage ?

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