1999 Ford Puma Problem

The Problem

Avatar sammie1991
Joined: 7 years ago | Profile

hi, please could someone tell me how you remove a alternator from a ford puma? please help, thank you.

Car Ford Puma
Variant 1.7
Model Year 1999
Category Engine & Drivetrain

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Avatar Tim Stephen
Joined: 8 years ago | Fixes: 6 | Profile

If it is a 1.7 puma you need to disconnect battery,remove the under shield that bolts to the front chassis rail, remove drivers side engine mount with support under engine (trolley jack ideal),move the auxilary belt tensioner using 15mm ring spanner remove belt, remove 15mm headed bolt from front of alternator, remove 15mm nut from stud on front of alt. remove stud from alt using e8 or e10 female torx socket. there is a 13mm headed bolt that secures the alternator to the cylinder head/mounting bracket on the front of engine, there is another 15mm bolt below the level of the pulley going into the side of engine.
Remove the main power lead (13mm) and the multi plug.
raising and lowering the engine should allow you to remove the alternator.

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