On Auto lights switch .
2009 Ford Kuga 2.5 Automatic

The headlights come on but rear lights do not.The rear lights and headlights work ok in manual switch.

Problem added: Nov 15, 2021 (2 weeks ago)
colin sarin
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Ford Kuga (2009)
2.5 Automatic
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Electrics, ECU, Warnings & Lights
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Have you had the car for a while , when did you notice they were not working ?
Had the car two years and only noticed when people flashed me a couple of days after new battery fitted. Don`t drive in the dark much so problem could have been on a while.
The reason I ask , is the manual for that year of Kuga mentions the headlamps only not the tail lights

Note: If you have switched autolamps
on, you can only switch the main beam
on when autolamps has switched the
headlamps on.
The headlamps will come on and go off
automatically depending on the ambient
Yes the front lights come on automatically when getting dark but the rear lights do not come on.The rear and front lights come on together when turned on manually.
Could try and remove / refit battery terminal once again which often reboots various systems Strange how tail lights don't come on also
ok thank you for the info.
Hope you dont think I'm being cheeky , but on some older Fords the auto lights were often an option but switch / wiring was still installed even if not fitted . Is it possible you dont have them and are seeing the day time running lights which come on automatically on the front every time the car is started but the tail lights dont . You see quite a few people driving this way at night as the panel lights up and they think the lights are switched on . I just remembered this as I recently had someone in front of me in a traffic jam with no rear lights on and I flashed them and this was why Again apologies if not the case .
Don`t think this is the case mate , Thanks anyway for the input.
Just a thought . I always left faults like this to my auto electricians to solve but strange one , cant be sensor if front lights working . If anything comes to mind overnight I'll post it . Possibly light control module ? Scanning with ForScan or similar might show cause .
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