The electric radiator cooling fan switches on often on my 1.2l petrol (85 bhp) 2018 KA+ Active
2018 Ford KA KA+ Active

The KA's radiator cooling electric fan runs far more often and in all conditions, than any of the many other car's that I have ever owned. The engine thormostat appears to be working correctly and does not show the engine to be over heating.
To sumerise, the car starts and runs well but the frequent running of the electric fan is worrying me !!

Problem added: Oct 24, 2021 (1 month ago)
David Rees
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Ford KA (2018)
KA+ Active
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If not losing coolant or overheating , if concerned , could try changing the engine coolant temp sensor .But could be the same .Might be a characteristic of that car.
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