Accelerator pedal
2010 Ford Fiesta Titanium

Engine constantly revving when at speed. Feels like the accelerator pedal is stuck to the floor when driving. Feel loss of control over the car.

Problem added: Nov 26, 2021 (1 month ago)
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Ford Fiesta (2010)
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Engine & Drivetrain
Gearbox & Clutch
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It's happened twice now. First time back in August and then again last night
Dont know what engine you have in your Fiesta , but usually cleaning throttle body and IAC valve ( if fitted to your engine ) fixes a lot of these problems
Thanks for your response.
I've booked it into the Garage for the 7th December to be looked at
I've had this problem on a fiesta I owned. It turned out to be the new floor mats catching on the pedel when pressed down. The original mat had a clip of the floor to stop this happening.
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