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2002 Ford Fiesta Problem

The Problem

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Once the car has been started, neither the indicators, heater fan, or electric windows work for at least 5 minutes; the lamp in the air- recirculation switch is glowing dimly at the same time, although if you operate the switch i.e. switch on air recirculation, it glows with normal brightness . Once a certain amount of time has elapsed, the lamp goes out, and the other circuits are live once again. I have checked the common earth point at the base of the drivers' 'A' Pillar, and had to replace one of the ignition relays in the fuse board on the drivers' side, as it was showing heat damage. I have also had to replace the heater control valve. This problem only started when I had to replace the battery a few months ago, and it is worse when the weather is cold and damp.

Car Ford Fiesta
Variant Freestyle 1.25 Zetec Mk4/5
Model Year 2002
Category Electrics, ECU, Warnings & Lights

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Check the condition of the battery you fitted by load testing .Also test the alternator output .These symptoms can be caused by low battery .


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I have had the battery analysed, including load testing, and checked the voltage across the battery both without and with the engine running - 12 to 12.1V without, 14.26V to 14.4V with respectively. The engine turns over perfectly, firing up straight away; I just have to wait anywhere between 3 and 10 minutes before these circuits start to function. Although I stated earlier that the issue was worse when it was cold and damp, there has been little change over the course of the weekend. It is extremely frustrating, and potentially dangerous if you forget to wait!

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