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2005 Fiat Doblo Problem

The Problem

Avatar welshy66
Joined: 7 years ago | Profile

just had new ecu and keys coded a week ago but has starded to play up again, any ideas

Car Fiat Doblo
Variant 19 td
Model Year 2005
Category Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss

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Avatar Duckyduck
Joined: 7 years ago | Fixes: 19 | Profile

Does the engine rotate when you try to start the car? There are various things that can be faulty and it depends on whether the engine rotates or not. It would be easier to advice if you could give more details.

Regardless of engine rotating or not the battery terminal connections can be loose or corroded. Check the cable terminals at the battery, tighten the clamps and /or clean off corrosion if necessary. Battery can be discharged or faulty. Turn key to on position and switch on headlights or windshield wipers. If they won't run the battery is discharged.

Other things that can have faults are: broken, loose or disconnected wires in the starting circuit.Inspect all wires and connectors at the battery, starter solenoid and ignition switch. Starter motor pinion jammed in flywheel ring gear, starter solenoid faulty, starter motor faulty, ignition switch faulty, engine seized (try to turn the crankshaft with a large socket and breaker bar on the pulley bolt. Fuel may not reach carburetor or fuel injector. Check for clogged fuel filter, lines and defective fuel pump. Also check tank vent lines aren't clogged.

Choke may not operate properly, faulty distributor components - check cap and rotor. Low cylinder compression, valves clearances not properly adjusted, water in the fuel, defective ignition coil,dirty or clogged carburetor jets and fuel injector, carburetor out of adjustment, wet or damaged ignition components, warn, faulty or incorrect gapped spark plugs, loose distributor, timing chain or gear failure affecting valve timing, starter pinion sticking, starter pinion or flywheel/driveplate teeth worn or broken.

These are the faults I can think of on top of my head and some relates to whether the engine rotates and others not.


Avatar steve0007
Joined: 6 years ago | Fixes: 1 | Profile

Hi all i have a doblo van 1248 diesel 06 last week went to van turned ignition engine didnt turn over just clicked the battery not that old took it off charged overnight refitted it problem the same put a power pack on to it still the same. took it to garage they replaced starter motor all was ok took van home went out later that day van started got in it to return home same problem just clicks and doesnt turnover bump starts first time try to start it again same problem any ideas ?
Regards Stevej


Avatar wizzer
Joined: 5 years ago | Fixes: 1 | Profile

Hi Steve, Have you tryed putting in gear and rocking back and forward if starter works could be starter ring gear ?


Avatar bigron
Joined: 3 years ago | Fixes: 1 | Profile

Had this problem with two different Doblo's , Both occasions
the fault was a dodgy earth strap. Earth lead looks ok but when removed was naff. Replaced and jobs a good un.


Avatar Darron gough
Joined: 6 months ago | Fixes: 1 | Profile

My fiat dolbo somtimes starts then when you turn it of I wont start again it just turns over
I had it to garage and put on diagnostics but came up with nothing so the mechanic said try and change crank shaft sensor which he did no different it wouldn't start at all so he put the old one back on still wouldn't start so kept trying it for a few days then started it seems to start first thing in the morning but when you turn it of I wont start back up again he said thinks it was the batterie to small for the van so went and bought a bigger batterie it turns over alot better now but still wont start so he took the air box of and sprayed easy start in and it started
He check heater plugs , injectors and the pump in the tank and said was all ok not really sure what else to do please can someone help me

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