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Very occasionally it won't get into gear when engine running

This happens when its hot outside or there has been a lot of gear changes ( three point turns etc)

2013 1.2
Posted: Jul 31, 2022
Clutch not engaging

When the engine is on, the car randomly doesn't engage gears. When the engine is off, the gears engage smoothly.

2012 Lounge
Posted: Oct 12, 2021
Brake fluid dangerously low do not proceed.

Intermitent low level warning playing up,fluid fine. Pads good. What else could be causing this annoying problem.

2014 0.9 stop/start
Posted: Sep 8, 2021
Brake Fluid Level Sensor

Not sure if anyone else has experience this, but a warning light keeps coming on about my brake fluid level. Have had the brake fluid flushed in April this year. It's just below maximum level so shoul...

2010 1.2 Sport
Posted: Jul 21, 2014
Brake fluid dangerously low do not proceed.

Get this intermittent warning but fluid not low and brakes appear fine.anyone else had this fault?

2013 1.2 stop/start
Posted: May 7, 2014
Creak from uner bonnet when changing gear and accelerating. Sounds like silencer baffles rattling, but new exhaust back box fitted.

When accelerating and changing gear, there is a rattle similar to loose silencer baffles, but as this has been replaced reently, could it be the top engine mounting flexing under load, ie the engine t...

Posted: Feb 4, 2013
First gear not working!!! Fiat sceicento,not 500!!

First gear doesnt work at all. takes off fine in second but having problems selling due to this. is it an expensive fix? and is it a big deal? thanks

1999 1.1 16v sporting
Posted: Jan 24, 2013
Fuse transmission

Broke down. Gears won't move. Dash board saying gears unavailable, problem with transmission. AA arrived and changed a fuse but said Fiat are aware of the problem and have ordered a software up date t...

Posted: Oct 4, 2012
Grating noise on trying to start engine

When turning the ignition key, I sometimes get a loud grating noise and the engine doesn't start. This doesn't happen every time, but when it does, usually first thing in the morning. This started a y...

2009 1.2 Dualogic
Posted: Jan 4, 2012
Windscreen wipers coming on by themselves

when i hit a bump or go over speed bumps my front and back windscreen wipers come on by themselves help.

Posted: Mar 31, 2011
Loss of power when Fuel Level below 5lts... when pulling away or accelerating...?

We have owned our 1.2 (Start/Stop) Lounge for 4 months and completed 2750 miles. We have taken the car back to the Dealer twice now for the same 'intermittent' loss of power problem to no avail...! ...

2010 1.2 Lounge
Posted: Aug 6, 2010
Engine Hunting

NOTE CAR IS NOT A 500 IT IS A SEICENTO. The engine hunts on start up even on a warm day. Once the engine is warm the hunting stops but the idling speed is too high at about 1500rpm. Is there an easy r...

1999 Seicento
Posted: Jun 21, 2010
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