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Latest 2012 Citroen C4 Problems
C4 picasso auto, done 78k. Kicking from 2nd to 3rd gear hesitating but once in 3rd its fine

Have C4 picasso auto, done 78k. My problem which started recently is that it hesitates to move from 1 to 2nd gear, but once in 3rd its all fine and perfect. Do i need to change the tranmission oil ?...

2012 Citroen C4 1.6
Posted: Apr 3, 2022
Aes,abs,anti roll, handbrake,lights keep coming on

fault lights keep showing intermittantly, even lost pre prog radio stations, but came back, also stop/start never really worked in 3 years

2012 Citroen C4 aerdream
Posted: Jan 31, 2022
Rattling at slow speed like something knocking agains body front n/s

my last c4 rattled at slow speed, found it was air cooling pipes against the engine bay front o/s. this one doing same, stops the engine idle from working at junctions. Citroen and other garages carnt...

2012 Citroen C4 1.6 hdi
Posted: Jun 9, 2021
Radio not working

Radio not switching on and only menu button working on dashboard

2012 Citroen C4 1.6VTR+
Posted: Dec 10, 2020
Staring and faults on dash

Hi. This car been parked for a while, when I tried to start it, it won't get any electric. By shorting between two electric feed line on top of battery it started but given multiple faults such eng...

2012 Citroen C4 Executive
Posted: Jun 2, 2020
Engine and battery light

Hello, I tried to start the car 15 minutes after completing a 30 mile trip, I got the ignition sounds but the engine wouldn't start. I then got the battery light and amber engine light come on. I tri...

2012 Citroen C4 VTR+ E-HD
Posted: Mar 1, 2020
A rattle sound coming from front nearside

A knocking or rattle noise coming from front near side wheel or steering or suspension area Changed suspension ball joint,track rod end ,checked suspension spring assy

2012 Citroen C4 1.6d
Posted: Nov 14, 2019
When stopped at lights in auto 1 with foot on brake it auto changes to neutral 1 and sticks

This has happen 4 times now and was in garage a few week ago and they couldnt find fault, when driving in auto and you are stopped at lights and put foot on brake it shows as auto 1 , However the fau...

2012 Citroen C4 vtr plus auto diesel
Posted: Jan 14, 2015
Auto gearbox problems

[1] In reverse up hill the clutch cannot fully engage. It slips because if i try to push harder on the accelerator it resists as if there is a governor on it. Result much smoke and smell! [2] In au...

2012 Citroen C4 1.6 diesel 110 vtr plus airdream auto
Posted: Aug 17, 2012
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