Loss of Power and Cruise Control

2009 Citroen C4 Problem

The Problem

Avatar Kevd34
Joined: 1 year ago | Fixes: 1 | Profile

Fault usually happens when accelerating hard to get up to speed to join a motorway . I Lose power and have to scream the "nads" off it in 3rd or 4th to get to 70MPH. Also if I'm doing around 50 and go to accelerate up to 70 again I lose cruise control function as well as power until I've stopped the car and given it 5 mins to think about the error of its ways. Had it on 2 diagnostic machines and no fault found. Changed fuel filter and oil filter.

Car Citroen C4
Variant 1.6 HDi Picasso
Model Year 2009
Category Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss

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Avatar 1/4drive
Joined: 8 years ago | Fixes: 1,862 | Profile

"had it on 2 diagnostic machines",
Were either of them Citroen's diagnostics?
In my experience French vehicles only reliably work on manufacturers software.
So Lexia or whatever they're calling it now.


Avatar Kevd34
Joined: 1 year ago | Fixes: 1 | Profile

No. Two independent garages. I had faults read OK before at one of the garages but wasn't aware that Citro├źn would be as sneaky as to hide faults so only their kit would be able to diagnose.


Avatar 1/4drive
Joined: 8 years ago | Fixes: 1,862 | Profile

I don't know if it's a French thing but I had a top of the line Snap on diagnostic unit on approval one time,
Very tempting despite the very 4 grand price,
Plugged it into a Renault traffic and basically all I got out was misleading crap.
Same when I tried a Peugeot.
Needless to state I returned said unit.
The Renault I used Opcom which is Vaux software but it has a feature for Renault based vans.
Good solid reliable codes so the van was diagnosed in short order.
How long it took to repair is another long story.
Bottom line is where ever possible use O/E diagnostics.
Or if you lucky enough to have a Bosch diagnostic specialist nearby the Bosch KTS system is unbeatable.


Avatar paulieone
Joined: 10 years ago | Fixes: 1,664 | Profile

check vacuum circuit

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