Clicking starter motor followed by power strearing fault and no A/C
2011 Citroen C4 Picasso 1.6 HDI manual 30,000

I have owned my C4 for 3 weeks. Startes 1st time everytime, until I jumped into my C4 and was presented by a clicking sound from the starter motor. I jumped the car and it started with no issues at all. After a short period i repeated and again it failed to start. After yet another jump it displayed "STOP" and "power stearing failure". The cold air was blowing hot. I drove it for a short period stopped and restarted the ignition. Started with no issues and all the warning lights had gone off. The cold air was cold and tr power strearing was working again.

The following morning i tried to start the car and it gave the all too familiar clicking sound again. I took off the battery, replaced it with a same Amp battery which i know was charged and it gave the same clicking sound. After recharging the other battery which i took off the car i started the process again. It appears either my efforts to start the car kept draining the battery or something else was sucking the life out of the battery??

After driving 150 miles home with no A/C and limited power stearing i pulled up and switched off the ignition. Turned it over and it started with out missing a beat!!!! Power stearing had returned, A/C was cold no warning lights!? I repeated and it started again??
I have AA GOLD warranty but i am a little confused in what to tell them??

Any advise on whats wrong with my car would be helpful. Plus, is it common on Citroens??

Thank you
Problem added: May 10, 2015 (7 years ago)
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Citroen C4 2011
Variant: Picasso 1.6 HDI manual 30,000
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Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss

Replies and fixes

Load test both battery and alternator , if still having problems check for a parasitic drain .
Answered May 11, 2015 (7 years ago)
check earth lead at battery and gearbox and also the positive connection at the battery to make sure it is tight.Check also the supply wire to the bm34 that's the under bonnet fuse box
Answered May 12, 2015 (7 years ago)
Thank you. I have contacted my warranty company (AA) and appart from a £50 excess they say it should be covered! All electrical and mechanical faults (inc. wear and tear!) are covered. Its in the garage and i'll update. Thanks again
Answered May 13, 2015 (7 years ago)
Thankyou for your help. It was after all that a dead cell. New battery solved it all!!!
Answered May 14, 2015 (7 years ago)
Good you got it fixed , thanks for updating the forum .
Answered May 14, 2015 (7 years ago)

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