Wont restart
2005 Citroen C4

my car will start first thing in the day but if i stop after a short distance and try to restart engine all im getting is a clicking noise.
Problem added: Sep 2, 2013 (8 years ago)
sammy mac
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Citroen C4 2005

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Check battery terminals , starter connections , earth wires .
Answered Sep 2, 2013 (8 years ago)
test battery check earth leads to body and engine if you have any jump leads next time it wont start clip one to battery negative and the other end onto engine block try and start if ok clean /replace earth lead if not sounds like starter fault
Answered Sep 3, 2013 (8 years ago)
sounds like you have a faulty starter motor
Answered Sep 3, 2013 (8 years ago)

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