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Sarah Bestre

Sep 1, 2019 (5 months ago)
I bought this Citroen with 12 months MOT and drove it 15 miles before the car started overheating and eventually stopped on a busy roundabout. Long story short: got car to safe place and called AA. No Coolant: engine hot and smoky.
Mechanics in Wales replaced thermostat housing and cracked pipe where water was leaking into oil , replaced oil, car started and all looked good. Then car failed to start and they are a bit mystified. I'm just disappointed.
Is there someone I could get mechanics to talk to before I give up and just scrap this vehicle.
The rego is: CF06BLZ
Many thanks for your help.....Sarah

Car details
Car: Citroen C3
Variant: Desire Manual
Model Year: 2006
Category: Engine & Drivetrain
Leaks & Noises

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Sep 1, 2019 (5 months ago)
Take it was a private sale and not a garage where you could possibly have some comeback ? From what you say it would seem that the engine is badly damaged from overheating . Dont think much of the mechanics if " they are mystified " not hard to diagnose . If you check previous MOT history and read notes of older tests you will see on June 2009 the mileage was 32,827 and then in January 2011 it is 14,713 !! Looks as if you may have bought a pig in a poke .Check previous mileage here

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