Engine temperature warning light on
2006 Citroen C3 1.4SX

After about 20 minutes driving the engine temperature warning light comes on with a warning to stop the engine immediately. This has happened 3 times randomly in last month. Each time after going down long but not steep hill, with air temperature about 0 to 2 deg C. Upon stopping the engine the fan continues running for about 10-15 minutes. The light and warning continue to appear if engine is restarted up until the fan switches off, when the problem disappears. Engine is clearly not hot as I can put my hand on cylinder/cyl. head, and exhaust manifold. Top hose is also cool. I hesitate to think it is the thermostat because it ought to overheat more quickly. Could it be an electrical sensor fault or perhaps the ECU getting confused?

Problem added: Dec 19, 2011 (9 years ago)
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Citroen C3 (2006)
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Electrics, ECU, Warnings & Lights
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Sounds like you've diagnosed this one yourself. It may well be the temperature sensor.

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