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2004 Citroen C2 Problem

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Avatar James Greenwood
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The car starts fine when not used for a few hours or overnight etc, but won't re-start once it has been used even if it's a short amount of time?

It has just come out of the garage where they said they couldn't find the problem and have just cleaned up the engine. The only thing that happens when the key is turned is a very quiet clicking noise within the engine.

The power all seems to be fine and the battery has been checked as well as the immobilizer system and key battery's changed.

It seems very strange it only starts after no use of at least 3-4 hours?

Would really appreciate any help.

Many Thanks,


Car Citroen C2
Variant 1.6 GT
Model Year 2004
Category Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss

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Avatar whittingehame
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Clicking sounds like starter solenoid . Might be worthwhile checking all connections / wiring at starter motor . Could also check all battery terminals and engine earths .


Avatar Jaytay121
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Hi James,

I know this is an old thread but its the only one i can find on the internet. I am having the same problem with my C2GT and wondered whether you had a solution?



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