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About 4 weeks ago my clutch pedal went soft (no resistance) there was no loss of fluid from the reservoir. The car has been to several garages. And. They are at a loss. As to what's going on? One garage has changed. Slave cylinder. And a master cylinder bleed the system but the clutch pedal still doesn't feel right. Has anybody got any ideas? It's cost me a fortune so far , one garage wanted to change the clutch. But didn't think it was a clutch. The second garage, said the car drives lovely when its work. So they don't think. It's a clutch either.

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Could well be the clutch assembly .
The 3 people that have looked at it and drove it don't think it is the clutch they are looking at the hydraulic.side of it as when you can drive it it pulls up through the gears lovely no slipping and no noise think they are running out of ideas so may have to change the clutch sorry if ive miss understood i am not mechanically.minded is that what you meant change the clutch
If you have already fitted a new slave cyl and master cyl and bled the system , no leaks , there is nothing left in the hydraulic system ( apart from the pipe between both which is unlikely ) to cause problems .That only leaves the actual clutch assembly itself .

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