2005 Alfa Romeo 147 - Timing Belt Cracked

147 T Spark 1.6 Problem
The Problem
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Timing Belt Cracked
Oct 9, 2012 (7 years ago)
A Friends Car - The Timing belt has cracked on the Alfa. Does anyone know if the Valves actually come down into the Combustion chamber. I am trying to ascertain if he should just go away and do the Belt of If the Head needs to come off.I heard from someone last year that the Belt had cracked twice on the same Alfa (model unknown)without causing any damage.

Car: Alfa Romeo 147
Variant: T Spark 1.6
Year: 2005
Category: Gearbox & Clutch
Recalls: Alfa Romeo 147 Recalls
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mr suzuki
Fixes: 685
Oct 14, 2012 (7 years ago)
yes they can hit if timing belt snaps . fit a new one and turn over by hand just in case it missed
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