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The Skoda Superb is its first model with a plug-in hybrid powertrain, combining the best of electric and conventional Skoda technology for an eco-friendly yet dynamic drive.
Superb Problems By Model Year
Superb Latest Problems
Battery flat.

Jumped started then Fault came on to say electric child lock

2019 2. 0
Posted: Oct 6, 2021
Gearbox keeps going into no reverse gear mode

whilst driving for no specific reason the box goes into a safety mode with no reverse gear and no auto gear change

2018 estate
Posted: Sep 14, 2021
2016 skoda superb 3 head unit for radio sat nav etc gone

Skoda symbol and welcome to skoda appears and then goes blank

2016 2.0 tdi
Posted: Aug 30, 2021
My Superb' infotainment suddenly cuts out, then pops back up when going over a bump or similar, then is off again. Does it need to go th the Skoda garage to be checked with their diagnostics machine (£108.00 by the way) ?

Radio/infotainment suddenly shuts down & may come back up for a bit, then shutting down again. Does it really need the Skoda diagnostics hook-up or what could be done ? Radio comes out easily enough. ...

2013 Elegance
Posted: Jun 15, 2021
No electrics

Not starting, not locking no internal lights not doing anything.

2017 L&K TDI 4x4 S-A Estate 1968 cc diesel
Posted: Jun 5, 2021
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Superb Recalls Issued Per Year
Latest Skoda Superb Recalls

The ecall function may be reduced due to a fault in the data communication

Recalled on 25th of February, 2020

Affects builds between Dec 12, 2019 and Jan 10, 2020

A failure of the front turn signal may not always be detected

Recalled on 5th of February, 2020

Affects builds between May 22, 2013 and Apr 28, 2015

A condenser may fail in the airbag control unit

Recalled on 26th of November, 2019

Affects builds between Apr 23, 2015 and Apr 30, 2015

Too little torque may be provided by the engine at low engine speeds

Recalled on 5th of September, 2019

Affects builds between Oct 12, 2018 and Jun 27, 2019

Air bag may not inflate quickly enough on deployment

Recalled on 30th of May, 2019

Affects builds between Jan 8, 2018 and Feb 28, 2018

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