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Engine rattle when cold

Engine rattle when cold still slight when warm

2003 1400
Posted: Jun 12, 2021
Water pump draining fast

No obvious leak draining fast. Payment assist

2003 Kd series
Posted: Sep 22, 2020
Vibration and noise on front of car

I recently changed my suspension arm (bottom arm) nowith when I drive and turn right the steering wheel vibrates and a f...

2003 1.4
Posted: Feb 26, 2020
Doored won't lock with fob but alarm does

I manage to get my fob sorted now a week or so later I use the fob to lock the car as you would and I press the botton a...

2003 1.4
Posted: Oct 12, 2019
Fuel leaking in to the boot

I went and fueled my car the other day drove home everything was fine went to get in it the nexted day and the smell of ...

Posted: Sep 27, 2019
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Reviewed by: Anonymous Review

8/ 10

we have had our rover 25 2yrs,now and i must say that the car has done uus proud the work we done on it are as follows brakes allround,tyres blubes headlights,new exauzast butnow we must get the rocker cover done over all i would say our,car is good on petrol smooth and drives and handlel well,on the motoways is good and fast

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