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Noisy differential

When the engine is running at 1500rpm and above a loud low pitch continuous whine is coming from the differential. It dr...

2000 848cc
Posted: Oct 8, 2010
Blue smoke

just rebuilt engine not road tested yet but after five minutes when warm blue smoke appears is this due to rings not bed...

Posted: Jul 24, 2009
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Reviewed by: Edward, Cambridgeshire

7/ 10

My uncle first took me out in his 1949 x 750cc side valve engined VAN......Had a large spoked front wheel and was like driving a brick on wheels. He had various models over the years and ALL of the 750cc side valve engine models were pretty gutless. The 848cc OHV engine is about as noisy as the old Austin/Morris "A" series engines and have similar performance. I searched long and hard to find this one, a vehicle in good solid original conditon. I have recently picked up this 1997 Reliant Robin hatchback, dark metalic green, and the standard SU carb works well with this engine. This one was built on a galvanised chassis, had Two previous owners and under 40K on the clock....loads of service history to which I am adding. Pulls well through the gears with just me in it (Wife really isn't keen LOL) Realise the limitations of 3 wheels and it is "FUN" /Interesting? to drive.
No disc brakes, No Brake Servo, No more than 4 forward gears, No Electric windows, No way of taking corners as fast as in a 4 wheeled vehicle. BUT, having driven sizes of vehicles between the Austin A35 and a Ford Cargo 7.5 ton truck (present MAIN vehicle a 260 Transit Sport...140BHP x 7 seat MPV)
THIS little plastic pig is easy to drive, even easier to park and goes through gaps not a lot wider than I would take my motorcycle through.....BOYS TOYS? probably.....but cheaper than a lot of others :-) Enjoying while I can and not driving any faster than my guardian angel can fly.

Name: Edward
Location: Cambridgeshire

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