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A high performance and sporty estate car from Peugeot
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Radio reception is a joke, It won't hold any station even on FM, Its just so poor you have to turn it off

Radio won't pick up a reasonable station, I've replaced the Aerial, Had it into an Auto Electrician but as soon as you s...

2015 HDI
Posted: May 3, 2021
Engine cutting out

Engine cutting out soon as I drive then will start after few seconds. Also problem appeared after both keys stopped work...

2009 1.6hdi
Posted: Apr 23, 2021
No electrics

I went to change the nearside indicator bulb and now I have no electrics at all except I can not stop the intermittent w...

2005 1.4
Posted: Apr 16, 2021
Rear parking sensors not working

no audible proximity warning. I can even reverse to an object until I hit it , no warning. They worked perfectly until ...

2008 1.6 se hatchback
Posted: Apr 10, 2021
Headlights are flickering

Turned Headlights on and they are flickering

2018 1.2 petrol
Posted: Apr 6, 2021
Peugeot 308 Owner Reviews
Reviewed by: David Beale, Stonehouse

8/ 10

Love the car especially the interior,and the glass roof(SE model) great to drive.The main gripe I have with the HDI 110 engine is that it rattles and makes a loud knocking noise as the key is turned off, having been to the dealers all I get is that it is a characteristic of the engine, and that it is to do with the bottom and top engine mountings , all Peugeot do is lubricate the mountings which help a liitle for just a week or so, but it is a poor job. I would buy another but would check this problem out first, or maybe buy a petrol engine model. It does average 64 mpg, and even 53mpg urban.
Just had to have new front discs after only 3 1/2years and 30000 miles.

Name: David Beale
Location: Stonehouse

Reviewed by: Anonymous Review

8/ 10

Bought the car in March 2010 with 12000 miles recorded. 1.6 litre 110bhp diesel engine. The SE mode.
VERY pleased with everything. Economy is excellent as I can achieve 60+ mpg on a run but is averaging approx 48 combined with mainly short journeys and air con. on all the time due to the bad weather and carrying damp items around.I was an Advanced Driving Instructor and do not hang around when conditions dictate!!!
Handling is very good on Michelin tyres and all controls are good and reliable.
This is the 3rd Peugeot hatch back I have owned and deffinitely the best.

Reviewed by: Anonymous Review

2/ 10

I bought my 308 sport new on a 57 plate, adored driving it, have never had so much fun in a car, it was sooo pretty,it got alot of admiring looks. BUT.... during the 2 yrs that I owned it I had to have a new exhaust manifold and catalitic converter fitted, the rear wiper/washer would intermittently operate itself (the operating stick on the steering wheel was changed). And the ECU had to have a download added as I was experiencing intermittent problems on cold starting, which manifested itself as very low revs, so low that the exhaust would sound like it was blowing, the engine being on the verge of cutting out. That was the most annoying to get sorted, 3 seperate visits to the dealer, where I would leave it for a couple of days at a time and they were adamant there was nothing wrong! They eventually did the download, which sorted it but still insisted there had never been a problem!? And to top things off the offside wing mirror would fall to bits if I went over 70mph, only hanging together with the electic wiring, got the super-glue out for that one! lol This morning got a recall letter from Peugeout telling me the car needs another download as the lights could suddenly fail completely without it!!! I'm so glad that I've now sold-on my much adored car, very relieved! Shame on you Peugeot for selling such an un-reliable heap of junk. It was like having a gorgeous boyfriend with no personality and poor performance in bed, what's the point? lol Tina x

Reviewed by: Anonymous Review

5/ 10

bought in may 2009 first registered 2008,had 406 110 bhp company cars untill Jan 07.Delighted with the drive, the turbo feeds in effortlessley,drives like a higher power,getting about 56mpg local and 60+ when we went to London,if I have a moan it steams up,also the braks have to be applied as though on eggs because they grab,also I think the metalic black Paint is only water based ? is that possible.I have been looking at 407s but after comparing the reviews with my 308,my 308 wins hands down.

Reviewed by: Anonymous Review

4/ 10

Not too bad in some areas, mine is 2007 957 reg0 with 13307 miles. I've had to replace all the brakes due to corrosion although there was plenty of meat left, the drivers seat is very heavily worn and no pattern is visible. Steering and handling is very good although I do have ESP fitted which helps a lot. Averaging 42.3mpg so not bad. Insurance is high, 25% more than a 4 litre Jag. Acceleration is very poor and if your not careful you can get out at junctions. Servicing costs are high considering it is a small car and not a high performance or luxury vehicle. Ventilation, air con and heating are not brilliant, car fogs up very easily although on a cold morning the demist is good. Gearchange cables are terrible, a definate weak point, my car has been in to the dealers 4 times within 7 months for these fixing, just a bad design I think. Overall can't wait to get rid of it.

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