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Leaking oil

advised to change rocker cover gasket this we did still leaking oil (marking territory) sadly my lil girl is still sick, turbo replaced less than 1000 miles ago, a/c flap stuck sorted by cutting a...

2000 3.2TDI auto
Posted: May 13, 2012
Battery keeps draining flat

Battery 3 year old but keeps draining flat whether car used or not used. Since last charging battery up from flat seat belt sign and airbag sign will not go out.

2005 Limited XS
Posted: Jul 24, 2011

When towing caravan car overheats on hill climbs. Fine any other time towing or solo. any idea what is causing this? I have replaced the thermostate didn't help.

2001 3.1 turbo deisel Auto
Posted: Aug 11, 2010

the car misses at a speed of 65-75 mph, above this speed and below the engine runs smooth. have had the injectors changed at a price , but the problem still persists. the engine is a mercades, diesel ...

2004 2.7 laredo
Posted: Jul 5, 2008
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Reviewed by: Pilot
10/ 10

Grand Cherokee SRT-8
6.1 Hemi

Fantastic car and capable of getting you out of sticky situations quickly! Delivers alot of torque off the line and will have no problems keeping up with the M's and RS's! Usual Jeep standards, interior still a bit plasticy but better than previous models, dash display feels special but only in comparison to the standard models. Satnav is nice to.

Good solid engine, however with a heavy foot extremely thirsty, hence, not ideal for touring or everyday use.

Handles like a car, very sticky with the 4wd but still being a 4x4 with a high CofG have to be a bit more gentle on the corners.

Very rare on the roads in the UK, the main reason being the petrol engine, but potentialy a real show stopper!

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Recent Recall

The engine may lose its ability to synchronize injector pulses and camshaft timing

Recalled on 13th of August, 2021

Affects builds between May 14, 2014 and Apr 26, 2018

Vehicle short causing can-c bus to stop communicating

Recalled on 24th of August, 2018

Affects builds between Oct 27, 2012 and May 24, 2018

Brake booster water shield may be incorrectly installed

Recalled on 15th of December, 2017

Affects builds between Aug 1, 2010 and Sep 8, 2014

Fire may occur

Recalled on 21st of October, 2016

Affects builds between Jan 20, 2010 and Sep 1, 2012

Vehicle may roll away

Recalled on 7th of October, 2016

Affects builds between Jan 13, 2013 and Dec 21, 2015

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