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Model: GRAND CHEROKEE recalled on: Aug 13, 2021
The engine may lose its ability to synchronize injector pulses and camshaft timing
Model: WRANGLER recalled on: Apr 13, 2021
The statutory plate label may be missing the whole vehicle type approval (wvta) number
Model: CHEROKEE recalled on: Feb 19, 2021
A possible loss of motive power or park function due to wear in the power transfer unit
Model: WRANGLER recalled on: Oct 29, 2020
The transmission harness may have insufficient clearance to the catalytic converter
Model: WRANGLER recalled on: Feb 28, 2020
The transmission wiring harness may have insufficient clearance with the catalytic converter
Model: COMPASS recalled on: Jun 25, 2019
The body control module software may allow the engine stop start system to operate outside of the emissions certification
Model: RENEGADE recalled on: May 31, 2019
The occupant restraint controller (orc) special features / function configuration memory may be incorrectly updated when certain diagnostic service tools are used
Model: WRANGLER recalled on: May 24, 2019
The steering intermediate shaft may contain a loose nut
Model: RENEGADE recalled on: Mar 15, 2019
The right side engine mount may not have been machined correctly
Model: COMPASS recalled on: Nov 26, 2018
An unlatched rear seat back may have reduced luggaage retention capabilities and may have increased forward displacement
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