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Isuzu Recalls
Model: D-MAX recalled on: Mar 24, 2023
it has been found that the lower second steering shaft lower bolt may not have been tightened to the correct torque
Model: D-MAX CREW CAB recalled on: Apr 10, 2020
Cracks may appear around the rear leaf spring bush eye
Model: D-MAX recalled on: Mar 18, 2019
Rear leaf spring may crack at eye bush on suspension
Model: D-MAX recalled on: Jul 10, 2017
Camshaft gear teeth may break
Model: ARTIC TRUCK AT35 recalled on: May 30, 2017
Steering rack/ steering column connector may detach
Model: TROOPER recalled on: Jan 15, 2012
Engine speed may increase unintentionally
Model: PICK UP recalled on: Oct 31, 2007
Brake master cylinder may fail
Model: TROOPER recalled on: Mar 3, 2006
Dilution of engine oil leading to engine damage
Model: TROOPER recalled on: Jun 30, 2005
Heater terminal may burn out