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The Honda Civic is a 5-door car with sporty styling made a priority. Choose between a 6-speed manual or 7-speed CVT transmission, a Vtec Turbo petrol, or a super-responsive i-Dtec diesel engine.
Civic Problems By Model Year
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Air con not working

I have tried tirelessly to fix my air con by replacing the pump sensor and condenser but these two things haven't worked. When hooked up to a refill it shows vacuum coming through but when it's on in ...

2005 Type R
Posted: Jun 10, 2021
Over revving

When i am accelerating my car over revs, it doesn't seem to have the same amount of power. Any ideas please

2008 2.4
Posted: Nov 24, 2017

My car has a squeaking/grinding sound coming from what seems like the wheel. It stops when I brake and isn't constant. Any ideas please

2008 1.4
Posted: Jun 11, 2017
Interior fan/heater not working

Fan heater demister not working can anyone advice on how to access fan motor and how to get access to behind the dashboard?

2002 1.6 se Auto
Posted: Feb 8, 2015
Interior fan/heater not working

Posted: Feb 8, 2015
Honda Civic Owner Reviews
Reviewed by: ramrod69

9/ 10

Got this 2004 Type R from my local Honda dealer, it was a x demo so only three months old. Great car and completely focused on performance and handling. Great driving position and with the gear change mounted on the low part of the dash, makes for some good clean gear changes. Usual Honda quality, engine, gearbox first class as is the reliability. One small problem which I had with my previous 1.8 VTI Civic, the front and back lights attract condensation and have marked the inside of the lights, this does not look good. This is still a on going problem with the new civic as my dad has one and already had 11 new lights fitted. If Honda can build such good engines gearbox’s etc, why can they not get a seal right on a light. Apart from that, all good. Running cost’s ok for the performance you get. Your need new front tyres every 11k and backs 24k if you drive mad 50% of the time like me. Service cost ok, make sure if you don’t do to many miles like me, your dealer can charge you less for a service, mileage and age dependant not just age. I only got mine serviced for the first two years to keep the warranty going. I now service the car myself to there schedule using honda parts etc. Recommended car for the money and would recommend this over the new type R any day.

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Civic Recalls Issued Per Year
Latest Honda Civic Recalls

Vehicles may be equipped with a fuel pump module manufactured with low density impellars

Recalled on 24th of August, 2020

Affects builds between Jan 30, 2018 and Dec 18, 2019

The regulatory requirement for emissions levels are not met

Recalled on 31st of January, 2020

Affects builds between Feb 2, 2015 and May 23, 2018

Possible air bag inflator rupture

Recalled on 29th of August, 2019

Affects builds between Jun 26, 2007 and May 21, 2014

Possible air bag inflator rupture

Recalled on 29th of August, 2019

Affects builds between Dec 17, 2003 and Nov 9, 2011

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