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Incorrect reading speedo

Speedo shows wrong speed while driving but rev counter works fine.

1998 1.4 i
Posted: Jun 18, 2020
Relay Location

My indicator and wipers stopped working and battery light on intermittently. A few days ago the indicator relay could be...

1998 1.8 SX 5DR 5SP M P
Posted: Jun 18, 2020

no heat is getting to the inside of the of the car

1998 1.6I
Posted: Nov 16, 2019
External temp' not showing anymore

The display no longer shows the external temp' just randomly stopped now shows 2dashes "--" nothing has changed with the...

2002 Hatchback
Posted: Apr 14, 2018
Poor starting

In the morning it takes about 3 to 5 a temps to start car once it starts it will start all day long

Posted: Mar 14, 2018
Citroen Xsara Owner Reviews
Reviewed by: wayne, south east kent

8/ 10

Never had much interest in Citroen's But i brought on last year the xsara forte model for 300
cheap came with years i tool the car for a test run...I was very pleased its a comfy little car and on £15 petrol i did about 75 80 miles !! Now coming from a 7 seater i felt a smaller car would make me feel unsafe....wrong its roomy its nippy and cheap to run the parts are cheap too
If i was a new driver i would not hesitate to have one for a first car ,Great cold start too, Only issue i had was driving in the snow, weren't as good as my mpv but hey you cant compare this to a Citroen vote...8 out of 10.....but its getting closer to full marks Lovely car.

Name: wayne
Location: south east kent

Reviewed by: David Bate

7/ 10

Bought a Xsara SX new in 2001. Added optional sunroof, Met. paint etc. I am not a huge mileage gobbler, done around 50K miles in 9 years. I like the superb, comfortable seats, the huge range of seat & steering wheel adjustments for one who is only 5ft.6ins and the massive boot capacity with the rear seats folded - almost flat, which many new cars don't now achieve. Never had to replace any lights and even running the original exhaust system. Recent problems have occurred: lost one lamp in the central LCD display, the sunroof does not fully close without toggling the operating switch and, annoyingly, the glovebox has locked shut and cannot be opened - see the Citroen faults section of this website. After 10 years and now looking for a similarly useful replacement I am stuck with either hanging to what I have got used to and enjoyed or trading in for, most likely, a low mileage, recent, Honda Jazz. Any comments or recomendations for a viable replacement? I realise I'm talking about a model that has, to use the vernacular, had it's day. Still gets me everywhere, even to the local tip with the boot full of rubbish!

Reviewed by: duck

8/ 10

good driver corners well one fault wiring in drivers door gives trouble.

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Affects builds between Apr 3, 2009 and Apr 15, 2009
Recalled on Oct 9, 2009
Affects builds between Apr 6, 2008 and Apr 9, 2008
Recalled on Dec 19, 2008
Affects builds between Apr 1, 2008 and Apr 1, 2008
Recalled on Jul 1, 2008
Affects VIN in range VF7N*RHZ*73678664 - VF7N*RHZ*73714881
Recalled on Jun 23, 2003
Affects builds between Jan 1, 1999 and Dec 31, 2000
Recalled on Nov 20, 2000
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