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The Z4 is a timeless classic for the modern age; not for those wanting to blend in, it comes as a Sport model as standard. Boasting split twin exhaust pipes, new LED lights, and a new stylish soft top that unfolds any journey, the Z4 gives the driver superior handling and agility every time they sit behind the wheel.
Z4 Problems By Model Year
Z4 Latest Problems
Engine won’t turnover intermittently
2007 2 litre roadster
Posted: Jul 15, 2021
2002 4.4l petrol and lpg
Posted: May 17, 2010
BMW Z4 Owner Reviews
10/ 10

J, Lancs

I have the 3.0 SE Aouto, goes like stink, handles brilliantly! Brilliant car

Name: J
Location: Lancs

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Z4 Recalls Issued Per Year
Latest BMW Z4 Recalls

Affected vehicles may be fitted with brake discs which are not to specification

Recalled on 15th of March, 2021

Affects builds between Jan 29, 2021 and Feb 3, 2021

On affected vehicles there is a possible failure of the fuel tank welding joint which could lead to leakage

Recalled on 30th of November, 2020

Affects builds between Jun 7, 2019 and Oct 14, 2019

Steering tie rod can become broken in the 'kink' groove area of the rod

Recalled on 10th of August, 2020

Affects builds between Sep 27, 2018 and Apr 9, 2019

The pressing force of the bearing bushing into the crankcase may be out of specification

Recalled on 9th of December, 2019

Affects builds between Jan 14, 2019 and Jun 13, 2019

plug in contact cable may malfunction

Recalled on 7th of June, 2018

Affects builds between Dec 2, 2008 and Nov 30, 2009

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