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The BMW X3 has the latest BMW TwinPower Turbo in-line six-cylinder diesel engine, which accounts for its 265hp and the maximum torque of 620Nm. Alongside powerful performance, it boasts several striking design features including optimised exterior mirrors, twin exhaust tailpipes, sculptured rear lights and defined trailing edges.
X3 Problems By Model Year
X3 Latest Problems
Tailgate won't open automatically
2013 2.0 Diesel
Posted: Jan 13, 2023
Rear wash/wipe defective
2007 2.0d
Posted: Sep 4, 2018
Management light
1907 2.o se
Posted: Sep 13, 2014
Clunking noise from back end
2007 m-sport 2.0d
Posted: Feb 17, 2014
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X3 Recalls Issued Per Year
Latest BMW X3 Recalls
Recent Recall

On affected vehicles the three screws connecting the electric motor to the steering gear are potentially not fastened correctly.

Recalled on 20th of December, 2023

Affects builds between Aug 23, 2023 and Sep 18, 2023

Recent Recall

On affected vehicles ingress of transmission fluid may occur to the integrated transmission control unit within the mechatronic module

Recalled on 20th of December, 2023

Affects builds between Mar 30, 2023 and Apr 14, 2023

Recent Recall

On affected vehicles the bolted connection to the starter-generator may not have been tightened according to specifications.

Recalled on 31st of July, 2023

Affects builds between Nov 6, 2021 and Nov 6, 2021

Undetected egr system leaks may cause thermal activity in the intake manifold

Recalled on 22nd of August, 2022

Affects builds between Jul 14, 2017 and Aug 19, 2021

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