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The BMW M3 Saloon is a racing car at heart; inspired by the racing track in its design and engineering, starting with the M TwinPower Turbo inline 6-cylinder 431hp petrol engine. Choose between a manual six-speed M transmission or the seven-speed double-clutch automatic transmission. The lightweight construction including the carbon fibre reinforced plastic roof, lowers the car's centre of gravity giving the driver enhanced control and agility on the road.
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Intermittent start problem
1994 3.0
Posted: May 5, 2008
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M3 Recalls Issued Per Year
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Recent Recall

On affected vehicles ingress of transmission fluid may occur to the integrated transmission control unit within the mechatronic module

Recalled on 20th of December, 2023

Affects builds between Jan 24, 2023 and Feb 1, 2023

It is possible a screw of mechatronics transmission control may be missing

Recalled on 21st of February, 2022

Affects builds between Nov 30, 2021 and Nov 30, 2021

The screw connection of the front seat belt buckle assembly to the seat frame may not be tightened properly

Recalled on 17th of May, 2021

Affects builds between Feb 2, 2021 and Mar 10, 2021

The cfk drive shaft 3 hole flange with a pushing piece is not produced with sufficient long term durability

Recalled on 21st of January, 2019

Affects builds between Jun 29, 2016 and Sep 30, 2016

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