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The Audi A3 is an entry-level luxury car / small family car produced by the German automaker Audi since 1996. Two generations of A3 exist, both based on the Volkswagen A platform, which they share with several other models such as the Audi TT, Volkswagen Golf and Touran as well the SEAT León. Currently several variations of the A3 exist, including the 2 door Cabriolet and the 5-door Sportback e-tron hybrid A3.
A3 Problems By Model Year
A3 Latest Problems
Automatic gearbox
2014 1.6 TDI
Posted: Feb 12, 2022
Car Alarm Going Off After Unlocking Car
2002 1.6
Posted: Oct 7, 2020
Low Dipped Beam Headlights
2015 1.4 tfsi saloon
Posted: Jun 22, 2018
Fule control module
2009 2.0 tfsi
Posted: Dec 6, 2017
Bonnet cable stretched
2009 2.0 tfsi manual
Posted: Oct 29, 2017
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A3 Recalls Issued Per Year
Latest Audi A3 Recalls

Restraining capacity of the belt system for the front seats may be lower than intended in the event of an accident

Recalled on 20th of October, 2022

Affects builds between Sep 22, 2021 and Nov 11, 2021

The bolted connection on the input rod between the electromechanical brake servo and brake pedal can be come loose

Recalled on 10th of September, 2021

Affects builds between Aug 24, 2020 and May 6, 2021

The camshaft adjuster belt pulley may break or the housing bolts may come loose

Recalled on 9th of August, 2019

Affects builds between Jan 2, 2014 and Sep 22, 2014

Possible discrepancy in the manufacturing process of the centre rear seat head restraint

Recalled on 27th of February, 2019

Affects builds between Apr 14, 2018 and Jun 25, 2018

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