VW to offer wall chargers for upcoming ID range

Owners of the new ID.3 will be able to charge it in 6 hours with the 11kW charger

As part of the shift to electric vehicles VW have announced a range of electric chargers for customers to install and use at home.

The new chargers will allow owners to fully charge the car at home at a much faster rate than you can expect from a domestic plug socket. For the new ID3 with a 58kW battery connected to the 11kW charger VW expect the car to fully charge in around 6 hours. The wall-mounted charger will need to be installed by somebody qualified to do it but it should be a relatively simple process. 

The charges on offer at launch will be:

ID.Charger - 399euros

The basic charger, stylish designed box and 11kW charging.

ID.Charger Connect - 599euros

11kW charging with wifi connectivity to allow owners to monitor charging status and use various functions and features wirelessly.

ID.Charger Pro - 849euros

11kw charging and the same wifi features as the Connect. Also offers independent monitored metering to allow business users to accurately monitor costs.

The ID.Charger at 399 is the one to have, having personally used a Volvo charger cable in a domestic socket to charge our T8 for the last 6 months I'd jump at one of these from Volvo!


Image: https://newspressuk.com/releases/companyView/85671

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