The Land Rover Defender is back

Recreated for the 21st century the Defender is back with a modern twist

Ever since the last Defender rolled off the production line back in January 2016 there's been something missing from the Land Rover product line-up. As impressive as the Evoque, RR and RRS are they don't really share much in common with the original Defenders, mostly because they're aimed at a very different market!

Land Rover obviously recognised this and have brought the Defender back, with a modern twist. They claim that the silhouette of the original is still there, and, from a distance, if you squint your eyes, it does seem to share the lines of the original. Land Rover claim that it's been created with extreme all-terrain usage in mind, it's tough, durable and should withand anything thrown at it, within reason of course.

For the purist Defender fan the spec and tech on the new Defender probably won't sit very well. It's going to have a choice of electrified power-trains and even has an infotainment system with live updates etc. It's clearly aimed a new type of Defender owner, maybe it won't appeal to the 'One life, live it' crew but by the sounds of it it's going to be a proper Defender, albeit one built for the electrified age.

The base model diesel will cost from £45,240 and the range goes up to the petrol P400 at £78,800.

If you want one you're probably already too late to order and get one in a reasonable timeframe. Luckily though there will no-doubt be ample profiteering speculators in the queue already who'll be more than happy to sell you theirs for 40% over list.



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