Fiat Chrysler Brexit price commitment

Fiat Chrysler are making a Brexit commitment to honour current prices for cars ordered before the Brexit deadline

Fiat Chrysler are doing something that the UK government seen unable to... guarantee consistency after the Brexit deadline of the 31st October.

All Fiat, Abarth, Alfa Romeo and Jeep cars ordered before (and including) the Brexit deadline will have their price guaranteed, regardless of the outcome of the Brexit process, this includes cars being delivered after the deadline.

This should give some reassurance to anyone in the UK holding back on a vehicle purchase until the future trajectory for the UK economy becomes clearer.

The lock-in price might actually make the cars a shrewd purchase for anyone taking advantage of the offer, if sterling takes a plunge or tariffs get slapped on to car imports it might add up to a significant saving.

Fiat Chrysler also add that 'full terms and conditions apply' so make sure you read the small print, although on the face of it it sounds good.



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