Vauxhall Crossland X Recalls

Safety and technical recalls for the Vauxhall Crossland X
The latest recalls ordered by most recent recall date

Possible leaky connection on the high pressure fuel pump

Recalled on 9th of July, 2020

Affects builds between May 21, 2019 and Feb 14, 2020

The lambda control may not work sufficiently accurately enough which may result in a nox limit exceedance.

Recalled on 30th of August, 2019

Affects builds between Jun 28, 2018 and Mar 22, 2019

The rear end impact limiter might not have been installed in production

Recalled on 3rd of July, 2019

Affects builds between Feb 10, 2017 and May 15, 2017

Vehicles may deliver a higher diesel particulate rate than specified

Recalled on 10th of April, 2019

Affects builds between Feb 20, 2018 and Jun 27, 2018

The bolts securing the rear axle beam to the vehicle underbody have been incorrectly manufactured

Recalled on 9th of April, 2019

Affects builds between Mar 15, 2010 and Mar 26, 2018

Fastening nut of the rear axle hub may work loose

Recalled on 21st of March, 2018

Affects VIN in range W0V7H9EC1J4032406 - W0V7H9EEXJ4033491

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