Seat Arona Recalls

Safety and technical recalls for the Seat Arona
The latest recalls ordered by most recent recall date

The bracket of the double belt buckle may have been damaged during the forming process

Recalled on 20th of April, 2020

Affects builds between Feb 26, 2020 and Feb 27, 2020

The driver's air bag may not inflate fast enough in the event of activation

Recalled on 13th of May, 2019

Affects builds between Dec 1, 2017 and Dec 17, 2017

The adjusted handbrake lever travel for parking can increase

Recalled on 4th of February, 2019

Affects builds between May 25, 2017 and Nov 6, 2018

The left rear seat belt double buckle may unfasten involuntarily

Recalled on 26th of November, 2018

Affects builds between May 1, 2017 and Sep 26, 2018

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