Renault Zoe Recalls

The latest recalls ordered by most recent recall date

Risk of internal short curcuit to the battery

Recalled on 18th of January, 2022

Affects builds between Jan 13, 2021 and Feb 22, 2021

Gearbox may fail to hold in park position when vehicle is stationary

Recalled on 4th of June, 2018

Affects builds between Nov 9, 2016 and Apr 26, 2017

Front wheel hubs may crack

Recalled on 20th of March, 2018

Affects builds between Sep 22, 2017 and Sep 25, 2017

Incorrect throttle pedal fitted

Recalled on 5th of February, 2018

Affects builds between Jul 12, 2017 and Oct 18, 2017

Gearbox may fail to hold in park position 'p' and vehicle could roll away

Recalled on 1st of September, 2017

Affects builds between Jul 1, 2015 and Jan 31, 2016

Brake efficiency may be reduced

Recalled on 1st of March, 2016

Affects VIN in range VF1AGVYA047316446 - VF1AGVYA151866597