Bugatti Chiron Backrest frame of driver and passenger seats may be welded incorrectly Recall

Recall affects Bugatti CHIRON
Reason for recall: The backrest frame of driver and passenger seats could be welded incorrectly and result in the backrest becoming loose. If the backrest becomes loose this could affect the driver’s ability to control the vehicle and the driver and passenger seats may not perform as intended in the event of a collision.
When was it announced?
Dec 8, 2017
What action are Bugatti taking?
Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected and visually check the backrest frame welding. If the frame is not welded to the correct specification the seat will be changed.
Does this affect your Chiron?

This issue affects Chiron, this particular recall is for the Chiron.

VIN Numbers
VF9SP3V32HM795027 - VF9SP3
Build Dates
Feb 2, 2017 - Oct 13, 2017

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