Renault Megane Engine power and/or braking efficiency may be affected Recall

Recall affects Renault MEGANE
Reason for recall: On affected vehicles the drive to brake vacuum pump may fail. This may cause a loss of brake servo assistance and a "hard" brake pedal. It may also cause a reduction in engine power.
When was it announced?
Jan 8, 2016
What action are Renault taking?
Check the manufacture date of the vacuum pump and where necessary replace the pump.
Does this affect your Megane?

This issue affects Kadjar M├ęgane Scenic Trafic (With R9M engine) Master (with 39T Engine) , this particular recall is for the Megane.

VIN Numbers
VF1BZ030H53964214 - VF1KZ030H54134886
Build Dates
Not provided