Dodge RAM Rear axle may seize Recall

Recall affects Dodge RAM
What is the recall for?
The rear axle pinion nut has been assembled without the use of a thread adhesive which could allow the pinion nut to loosen. As a result the propshaft detach form the vehicle or the final drive could seize.
When was it announced?
Jul 3, 2015
What action are Dodge taking?
On affected vehicles check security of pinion nut. Dependant on outcome fit a pinion nut retainer or recondition final drive assembly.
Does this affect your RAM?

This issue affects RAM, this particular recall is for the RAM.

VIN Numbers
1D3HA16D05J503245 - 1D7HU18PX5J635880
Build Dates
Jan 28, 2004 - Aug 3, 2005

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