Cadillac SRX Vehicle ignition may inadvertently turn off Recall

Recall affects Cadillac SRX
Reason for recall: It has been identified that if the key ring carries additional weight and the vehicle experiences any extreme road conditions for instance off road or harsh events then the keys can rotate away from the run position on the ignition switch. This will result in the loss of engine power and associated function. Also the air bags will not deploy if the vehicle is involved in a collision.
When was it announced?
Dec 2, 2014
What action are Cadillac taking?
Recall all affected vehicles to modify the ignition keys.
Does this affect your SRX?

This issue affects Cadillac CTS Cadillac SRX Cadillac DTS and Chevrolet Alero , this particular recall is for the SRX.

VIN Numbers
Not provided
Build Dates
Mar 20, 2003 - May 17, 2004