Caterham CSR Throttle pedal may detach Recall

Recall affects Caterham CSR
Reason for recall: There is a small possibility that the throttle pedal securing bolt may work loose. This can only occur if as a minimum the securing bolt is not tightened sufficiently to completely flatten the spring washer. The bolt may work free during pedal operation. This will result in the throttle pedal coming free from its chassis anchor point causing an inability to operate the throttle pedal and an immediate reduction in engine speed.
When was it announced?
Jun 16, 2014
What action are Caterham taking?
Recall the affected vehicles and check that the throttle pedal Cable Post is not in contact with the head of the throttle pedal securing bolt ensure that the bolt is tightened to 25Nm and that the throttle pedal is free to operate to the full extent of its travel in both directions.
Does this affect your CSR?

This issue affects S3 SV & CSR, this particular recall is for the CSR.

VIN Numbers
SDK*********70783 - SDK*********71754
Build Dates
May 1, 2013 - Apr 30, 2014

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