Citroen Berlingo Fuel may leak and create fire risk Recall

Recall affects Citroen BERLINGO
Reason for recall: It has been established that the high pressure fuel rail pipes on the engine have not been torqued to the correct specification. This can result in poor sealing of the rail which can cause as fuel leak onto the engine. If the vaporised fuel comes into contact with a hot engine component there can be a risk of an engine bay fire.
When was it announced?
Feb 26, 2014
What action are Citroen taking?
Recall all the affected vehicles and retorque the high pressure fuel rail pipes.
Does this affect your Berlingo?

This issue affects Berlingo DS3 C3 C3 Picasso C4 and C4 Picasso, this particular recall is for the Berlingo.

VIN Numbers
VF7******EJ527141 - VF7******EY504899
Build Dates
Jan 7, 2014 - Jan 15, 2014

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