Land Rover Freelander Fire may occur Recall

Recall affects Land Rover FREELANDER
Reason for recall: It is possible that a leak can occur between the injector spill rail connection and the plastic fuel return pipe. This can cause leakage of fuel which can either pool on the engine cylinder head and then become deposited onto the road surface where it could cause a skid risk to other motorist or if the fuel comes into contact with extremely hot engine components an exhaust manifold for instance it is possible that an under bonnet fire could ensue.
When was it announced?
Aug 27, 2013
What action are Land Rover taking?
Recall all affected vehicles inspect the fuel spill rail/return pipe and if required replace the spill rail with a new modified rail.
Does this affect your Freelander?

This issue affects Freelander 2 (2.2L diesel) Range Rover Evoque (2.2L diesel), this particular recall is for the Freelander.

VIN Numbers
SALFA2BB1CH284660 - SALFA2CC2DH374909
Build Dates
Jan 1, 2012 - Sep 30, 2013

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