Nissan Qashqai Potential loss of vehicle control Recall

Recall affects Nissan QASHQAI
Reason for recall: It has been identified that the front suspension lower ball joints on some of the subject vehicles have not been fully seated into the hub. This has resulted in the securing bolt not fitting into the groove in the ball joint shank. If the situation goes uncorrected the ball joint could detach which could result in loss of vehicle control.
When was it announced?
Mar 22, 2007
What action are Nissan taking?
Recalled vehicles will be checked for correct location of the ball joint and rectified as necessary.
Does this affect your Qashqai?

This issue affects QASHQAI, this particular recall is for the Qashqai.

VIN Numbers
SJNF**J10*1013272 - SJNF**J10U1022002
Build Dates
Feb 12, 2007 - Mar 5, 2007