Renault Megane Brakes may fail Recall

Recall affects Renault MEGANE
Reason for recall: It has been identified that the possibility exists that the stop for the foot brake pedal collapse system is missing. This can result in the loss of braking efficiency when the brake pedal is at full travel.
When was it announced?
Jun 12, 2006
What action are Renault taking?
Recalled vehicles will be inspected for the presence of the brake pedal collapse system stop and where this is found to be missing the brake pedal will be replaced.
Does this affect your Megane?

This issue affects MEGANE II AND SCENIC II, this particular recall is for the Megane.

VIN Numbers
VF1BM0B0H26984075 - VF1BM0F0529574526
Build Dates
Sep 1, 2002 - Feb 12, 2004