Volkswagen Polo Bolts of the tandem fuel pump cover may break Recall

Recall affects Volkswagen POLO
Reason for recall: It is advised that on some vehicles fitted with a 3 and 4 cylinder pump injector engine the bolts of the tandem fuel pump cover may break due to a bolt production fault. As a result the pump housing will not be tight and a diesel fuel leak may occur.
When was it announced?
Mar 3, 2005
What action are Volkswagen taking?
Recalled vehicles will have the pump checked for being of a certain manufacture. If found to be within the affected range the pump housing cover bolts will be replaced.
Does this affect your Polo?

This issue affects LUPO POLO GOLF BORA TOURAN NEW BEETLE PASSAT AND SHARAN (WITH 2 PUMP INJECTOR ENGINE), this particular recall is for the Polo.

VIN Numbers
Not provided
Build Dates
Mar 1, 2004 - Aug 31, 2004

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