Land Rover Freelander Incorrect nut installed into rear subframe Recall

Recall affects Land Rover FREELANDER
Reason for recall: M12 weld nuts has been incorrectly installed by a body panel supplier into the rear subframe mountings instead of the correct M14 weld nuts. A bolt that locates the frame to the body did not fit into this nut and was not installed at the vehicle assembly plant. Lack of this bolt could eventually cause the subframe to crack and become deformed. A deformed subframe could potentially lead to instability of the vehicle.
When was it announced?
Jan 12, 2005
What action are Land Rover taking?
Recall the vehicles that may be affected and inspect the subframe fixing for fitment and correct clamping. If an incorrect subframe fixing is identified the subframe will be removed and the body panel will be repaired with a new weld nut.
Does this affect your Freelander?

This issue affects FREELANDER, this particular recall is for the Freelander.

VIN Numbers
SALLNABE13A286419 - SALLNABG23A289164
Build Dates
Aug 12, 2003 - Aug 29, 2003

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