Land Rover Freelander Possible failure of rear suspension locating links Recall

Recall affects Land Rover FREELANDER
Reason for recall: Land Rover have identified a weld integrity concern associated with the rear suspension links on Freelander models. Should the weld fracture the stability of the rear hub assembly could be impaired. This may cause the vehicle to deviate from a straight line under normal driving conditions. To protect the long term integrity of these components Land Rover are implementing recall action on all Freelander models within the affected VIN range.
When was it announced?
What action are Land Rover taking?
Recall affected vehicles and replace the rear suspension links with quality assured units.
Does this affect your Freelander?

This issue affects Freelander, this particular recall is for the Freelander.

VIN Numbers
Not provided
Build Dates
Jun 1, 1997 - Jun 1, 1998

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