Peugeot 407 Recalls

Safety and technical recalls for the Peugeot 407
The latest recalls ordered by most recent recall date

Engine may stall

Recalled on 5th of July, 2011

Affects builds between Oct 29, 2009 and Sep 30, 2010

Braking assistance may not perform correctly

Recalled on 16th of December, 2010

Affects builds between Dec 15, 2006 and Mar 31, 2009

Parking brake may fail

Recalled on 18th of October, 2010

Affects VIN in range VF3******AL001335 - VF3******AL009536

Brake performance may be affected.

Recalled on 29th of October, 2009

Affects builds between Mar 1, 2004 and May 31, 2007

Diesel fuel return pipe may abrade and wear.

Recalled on 16th of July, 2008

Affects 407

Fuse box may cause equipment operational failures

Recalled on 17th of June, 2008

Affects builds between Feb 27, 2008 and Jun 9, 2008

Oil may leak

Recalled on 7th of February, 2008

Affects builds between Apr 26, 2005 and Mar 7, 2007

Reduced braking performance

Recalled on 1st of February, 2008

Affects builds between Jul 1, 2005 and Dec 31, 2006

Risk of fire

Recalled on 21st of February, 2007

Affects builds between Feb 15, 2006 and Aug 31, 2006

Fuel leak may occur

Recalled on 24th of January, 2007

Affects 407

Possibility of fuel leak

Recalled on 27th of November, 2006

Affects 407

Fuel may leak

Recalled on 22nd of February, 2006

Affects 407

Starter motor may operate inadvertently

Recalled on 15th of November, 2005

Affects 407

Possible seepage on the diesel fuel return pipe

Recalled on 11th of April, 2005

Affects 407