Ford C-MAX Recalls

Safety and technical recalls for the Ford C-MAX
The latest recalls ordered by most recent recall date

Seat belt anchorage bolt partially engaged

Recalled on 5th of November, 2019

Affects builds between May 7, 2019 and Sep 30, 2019

Vehicle could suffer clutch pressure plate fracture

Recalled on 22nd of February, 2019

Affects builds between Jun 30, 2016 and Apr 21, 2018

Clutch pressure plate may fracture

Recalled on 16th of July, 2018

Affects builds between Aug 1, 2012 and Jun 30, 2016

Casting defect may cause alloy wheel(s) to crack

Recalled on 19th of March, 2018

Affects builds between Sep 26, 2016 and Oct 10, 2016

Oil sump may crack due to the engine overheating

Recalled on 12th of March, 2018

Affects builds between Dec 2, 2014 and Aug 10, 2015

The engine cylinder head may crack

Recalled on 8th of January, 2018

Affects builds between Jun 2, 2010 and Dec 20, 2014

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